As you most probably know, the IBF voted for the new scoring system of Rally Points - 3 x 21.


Read all about it in the BADMINTON Magazine (June 2006).


Also Click here for “Rally Points Scoring System explained”


AT May’s BADMINTON England Council Meeting, it was agreed that all BADMINTON England sanctioned events, (veterans, seniors and juniors) would use the new scoring system. 


Whilst BADMINTON England is not making the new scoring system compulsory, they are recommending that League and Club badminton change over.


The Tees Active Badminton League will be using Rally Points - 3 x 21 for the 2006/07 Season.

This was agreed at the League Management Committee Meeting held 16th August 2006.


Below is (hopefully) a guide to the scoring system using a “Score Sheet”” with explanation.

This is an unofficial guide, (including the score sheets) made up by myself.


Score Sheet example.


Score Sheet explained.




To download and print the Score Sheet Example Click here.


To download and print a BLANK Score Sheet Click here.



Roger Cook

Honorary Secretary

Tees Active Badminton League


23rd August 2006.